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Edinburgh University Gliding Club

Edinburgh University Gliding Club

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Edinburgh University Gliding Club gets you airborne all year round! Find out all about joining the club and trial flights and read up on frequently asked questions. You can find us on Wednesday evenings at a random pub - subscribe to our mailing list to find out where!

Latest News

Freshers Week Plans

We'd like to welcome all the freshers to Edinburgh this year. If you are interested in coming and seeing what we are about, here is what we will be up to over the next week.

Junior Nationals 2017

Congratulations to James Dutton, our former president and club member, who came 31st in the Junior Nationals gliding competition at Nympsfield. He used our single seater, Errol.


About Gliding

Gliders or sailplanes are aircraft with wide, fixed wings. Thanks to rising air, a glider with one or two pilots can silently soar for hours, play with clouds and travel long distances, out-climbing the strongest birds. Gliding is a safe and affordable way to fly, both competitively and for fun.

EUGC is supported by Awards for All and the Edinburgh University Sports Union.
EUGC is an affiliated member club of the British Gliding Association.